i-Three Issue Corps 2016 – Bringing Climate to the County

Hans Schmitz

Extension Educator

Purdue University

What is the change you are designing to achieve?

Getting University research into the hands of end users in new and innovative ways.

How will you measure that change?

Long-term: Best Management Practice Adoption, Climate Change Awareness and Adaptation measured by NRCS surveys of ag practices. Short-term: Increased awareness of best management practices measured by number of media consumed.

What is the innovative component or strategy you will implement as a result of the design-a-thon?

Process described through collaboration with Nick Broady and Craig Wood that will involve educator analysis of research data for producer consumption.

How did the design-a-thon help you?

As another participant and I discussed, we learned that much of what we considered innovative is either already in progress or created, just maybe not for the region in which we work. Great to learn of other projects in similar veins.


Regionally, the CSCAP, Useful 2 Usable, and other climate-related initiatives are developing products that are currently available or will be available for public dissemination in the near future. In Indiana (and elsewhere), these products have a high potential for use in the agricultural realm to increase farm productivity and simultaneously promote conservation efforts. As an Extension professional, my goal is to evaluate and promote the conscientious use of these tools through Ag producer and advisor exposure at public meetings and one-on-one to farmers.

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