i-Three Issue Corps 2016 – Climate Literacy for Youth

David Smith

Program Specialist

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, Biological & Agricultural Engineering

John A. (Tony) Cook

Extension 4-H Specialist

Auburn University, 4-H Youth Development, College of Education


What is the change you are designing to achieve?

David: Motivate and facilitate online learning about climate science among youth using social media, shareable electronic badges, and student application activities

Tony: Engaging youth to learning online on the topic of climate science recognizing that learning in a digital form, and encouraging sharing what they have learned with others.

How will you measure the change?

David: Track how youth preferred social media tools are utilized and if shareable digital badges serve as motivation for peers to connect to climate science resources.

Tony: Youth are engaged in online learning, the learning is recognized with digital badges, and they have shared something they have learned with others.

What is the innovative component or strategy you will implement as a result of the design-a-thon?

David: Utilizing social media connections and communities to expand exposure of content to youth audiences.

Tony: Integration of a sharing or more engaging activity on the primary webpage as well as one or more learning modules of the online course on climate science.

How did the design-a-thon help you?

David: Exposed me to resources and expertise that I would not have found otherwise.

Tony: Obtaining different perspectives from the experts on various aspects of our project was very helpful and led us to strategies to strengthen our plans.


The Climate Literacy for Youth project is a collaboration regarding extending online learning for youth on the topic of climate science as well as providing a core collection of youth oriented content pages on the topic on the www.extension.org website. An existing project based at Texas A&M University has developed an online course on Climate Science intended for a youth audience. In collaboration with eXtension’s For Youth, For Life Learning Network based at Auburn University, the Climate Science course will be modified for greater youth appeal and aligned with a digital form of recognizing learning achievement (digital badge).

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