i-Three Issue Corps 2016 – Growing Support for the Seed to Supper Program

Brooke Edmunds, Oregon State University Extension

Brooke Edmunds

Assistant Professor, Extension Community Horticulturalist

Oregon State University

What is the change you are designing to achieve?

By the end of the i3corps project time period I will better communicate impact of the S2S program to external audiences using social marketing techniques. Essentially doing a better job at working out loud by showing impact in an inspiring, visually pleasing and bite-size manner.

How will you measure that change?

My i3corps project is short-term and a small component of a larger programming effort. I will produce several new pieces for use in social media outreach and begin using them.

What is the innovative component or strategy you will implement as a result of the design-a-thon?

I will first focus on developing and promoting a Story Map showcasing the program and program impacts. I will utilize county Extension websites as well as social media.

How did the design-a-thon help you?

I was so lucky to have a chance to superpower this program and develop my communication skills through the i-Three Issues Corps experience. At the i-Three Issues Corps Design-a-thon Shane Bradt, a Key Informant  from UNH, introduced me to ESRI’s Story Map application.  What a stunning way to present Extension’s impact!  I switched gears a little to make creating a Story Map the cornerstone of my i-Three Issues Corps project.


Seed to Supper is an effective classroom curriculum developed by Oregon State University Extension and the Oregon Food Bank to teach vegetable gardening to low-income audiences.

Click to view the Seed to Supper Story map

In Linn and Benton counties, OSU Extension is growing this program and cultivating a new community of engaged gardeners. Financial and community support is needed to sustain this highly successful and in-demand program. The main focus of my i-Three Corps project will be to develop a traditional and social media marketing plan that engages the community, increases donor support for the project and communicates the impact of the Seed to Supper program through innovative storytelling.

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