i-Three Issue Corps 2016 – Sustainable Seafood Production

David Brune

Professor, University of Missouri

University of Missouri

What is the change you are designing to achieve?

Re-direct current $12 billion in U.S. deficit spending supporting purchase of foreign seafood products to American farmers and cooperators as a cash-flow base supporting deployment of a U.S. based sustainable seafood production industry.

How will you measure that change?

Number of farmer/cooperators participating at in-service training session, and the number of production facilities installed, and resulting increase in U.S.-based seafood production.

What is the innovative component or strategy you will implement as a result of the design-a-thon?

Seek funding to support outreach and training efforts from American commodity groups.

How did the design-a-thon help you?

Provided insight into national eXtension approach and viewpoint


Ninety percent of U.S. seafood consumption is imported; the bulk of imported shrimp is grown in Asian ponds in an unsustainable manner, discharging pollutants to coastal zones and consuming large quantities of marine fish meal. The PI developed systems allowing for zero-discharge production of fish and shellfish in a system yielding byproducts replacing imported fish-meal as an ingredient in shrimp feed. Using this process, shrimp production can be expanded across the U.S. needing only soy, wheat and corn meals as the primary ingredients. A prototype system will demonstrate design, start-up, and operation of zero-discharge seafood production to U.S. farmers and stakeholders.

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