Impact Collaborative Innovation Kit Workshop


About the Innovation Kit Workshop

The one-day Impact Collaborative Innovation Kit Workshop is a stand-alone product for individuals who want to learn an innovation process that can be applied to new or existing ideas, projects, or programs. The workshop demonstrates how design-thinking and lean-experimentation through the Innovation Kit process can help generate innovative ideas, test those ideas, and move ideas forward with potential for successful implementation.

The workshop emphasizes the practice of starting with purpose and answering “why” for any project, program, or idea by creating a model based upon Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle. This includes accepting that idea-failure is expected and can be a useful part of the learning and improvement process.

Participants receive an Innovation Kit inspired by the Adobe Kickbox that is customized to fit the needs of Cooperative Extension and other non-profit professionals aiming to develop an innovative mindset. The Kit’s seven-level process encourages individuals to build teams that include community members and stakeholders. Participants learn the importance of co-creation, co-innovation, and communal wisdom.

The outcome of the one-day workshop is learning a process that can be replicated for any topic, any time and any place.  Participants will know the steps to create an action plan for testing an idea hypothesis and demonstrate the skills to pitch an idea for any future project.

Participants will leave with an Innovation Kit containing tools, ideas, and processes to put into practice. Participants will have a better understanding of the Impact Collaborative’s purpose, and realize the importance of joining a topic-focused collaborative experience that co-creates local solutions with community partners.