Jeff Piestrak

Jeff Piestrak

Jeff Piestrak
Jeff Piestrak, Cornell University

“Optimizing for Health: Linking & Leveraging Land Grant Knowledge Assets in Support of Healthy People, Food Systems & Communities”

Serving for many years as an Outreach & Engagement Specialist at Cornell’s Mann Library, Jeff Piestrak has recently focused his attentions on digital tools and resources supporting Cornell’s research, learning, and outreach mission, including the creation of networked knowledge commons and “public knowledge spaces”. He also works with a variety of food systems groups and initiatives, including the eXtension Community, Local and Regional Food Systems CoP.

Jeff’s fellowship focused on digital assets (data and information), and systems for managing and sharing those within the context of community and regional food systems efforts. He is particularly interested in how we can move beyond simple dissemination models/designs of these systems (during an era when we are increasingly “disintermediated”), toward ones that are better suited to social knowledge creation processes. What we’re finding is that often wicked problems like hunger cannot be solved by treating them solely as a technical “knowledge deficit” problem –we must also acknowledge the social dimensions. Not doing so can actually make things worse. Simply providing expert information will not work.

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Cornell University


Ithaca, NY, USA

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