Justin Smith

Unified Knowledge Translation Framework for Integrating Interdisciplinary Research and Scholarly Activity Related to Climate Resilience and Food Security

Justin G. Smith, PhD. is the Director of Mason County Extension and Assistant Professor, Community Economic Development, Washington State University. He is the first eXtension/GODAN Fellow.

This fellowship is in a special area of interest. Its purpose is to demonstrate methods for linking research and Extension information in support of learning and innovation. The Fellow, through participation in the GODAN network, will test and demonstrate protocols, including the use of competency frameworks, making eXtension and Extension information more open, accessible and linked to open research and data.

Increasingly, Cooperative Extension and its partner organizations are expected to produce strong, data-driven insights for a variety of audiences from Big Qualitative Data–ever larger, more diverse and complex data sources. To meet this need, Extension needs to build capacity to analyze large amounts of qualitative data in a consistent, methodologically sound way. Christian will assess the scalability of analysis-focused Qualitative Data Analysis Software training and develop a working prototype for Extension, including online materials and teaching modules that might be disseminated for national use.

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Washington State University


Shelton, WA, USA

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