Leadership Development for Cooperative Extension Professionals & Their Teams

Friction happens when people don’t understand one another. Confusion happens as a result of poor communication. Underperformance happens when people aren’t engaged.

We are currently working with 15 instituions at the 1890 Extension Leadership Academy and New Technologies for Ag Extension project teams in these capacities.

Each of our offerings focus on behavior changes that will help you realize your potential.

I joined with low expectations (honestly) however this event was well-planned and organized. I came away with several takeaways to improve my leadership and team building skills.

Black man

Extension Educator

1890s Extension Leadership Academy

This helped me embrace & understand who I am & how I am perceived. I definitely recommend this to my peers; the material was outstanding and wonderful for being a great leader in any role!

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Military Professional

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Karl Bradley

Leadership Development Specialist

“Leadership comes down to two things: realizing it’s not about you…and it’s all about you. It’s about how you’re serving others and how your behaviors provide the evidence of your authentic intentions.”

About Karl

With over 20 years’ experience creating strong, values-aligned partnerships internationally while serving in the U.S. Air Force, Karl’s energetic transformational leadership style is infectious.  The ability to help inspire others find their “why” while connecting passion to profession underlines his favorite role…coach. He has a lifelong enthusiasm for agricultural leadership growth to help take organizations past what the science of management says is possible.

Originally from Branson, Missouri, he holds degrees in education from Arizona State University & The University of Northern Colorado.  He has led teams ranging from 5 to 250 & held leadership positions in public relations, event planning, fundraising, finance, human resources, corporate training & procurement.  As a collaborative consultant, he secured partnerships across 49 states & 13 countries garnering millions in sponsorships.

His areas of expertise include strategic thinking, leadership development & training, public speaking, team building, community engagement & ideation.

Team Services

From Me to We: Workshops on Values, Trust, & Teamwork

Join us for in-depth work on what it means to lean into the best version of yourself, how we build trust & the effects it has on a team!

BEST FOR:  People or organizations wanting to emphasize the importance of personal growth from individual contributor to getting work accomplished WITH others.

Where Values Collide, People Divide!

Ever wonder how ideas spread? Where we sit on this scale depends on the “thing” or idea & our values. 250,000 people showed up for Dr. King’s “I have a dream” speech. How many people would have shown up if he’d given a “I have a plan” speech?

BEST FOR:  People or organizations wanting to have a meaningful awareness around the pace of idea adoption & the impact of behavioral change.

High Impact Speaking

** Custom Services are available depending on you and your organizations’ needs.

Whether you need support for your conference or team – we can blend your thought leadership needs to help support growth with actionable content.

Coming Soon!

Mighty in 90!

“We are professionals at what we do, amateurs at who we want to become.”– Marshall Goldsmith

It might be inevitable that we all drive electric cars someday but it’s not inevitable that we’ll become the person we want to be. And it’s not inevitable we’ll be the leader we aspire to become. Creating new habits takes time, patience & a lot of grit. But you can do it and we can help speed up your results. 

BEST FOR:  Anyone who wants something different for their lives & is tired of waiting to get it.

Zoomcow is a feedback tool for leaders to discover what kind of impact they’re having on their teams.  Zoomcow offers three key areas of service: measurement, analysis & impact coaching.  Find out where the magic is in your leadership today!  Karl serves as their lead US consultant.

Why Work With Us?

The eXtension Foundation is here to help Cooperative Extension professionals get to a greater, more visible, measurable local impact. Whether you are participating in our Impact Collaborative project incubator program, our New Technologies for Ag Extension accelerator program, or you are new to working with the eXtension Foundation – we’re here to serve you.

We believe that these leadership services are critical to helping Cooperative Extension professionals reach their potential and be more effective in their daily work. The benefit of working with the eXtension Foundation is that we are embedded within the Cooperative Extension System, we understand your needs, and we contextualize our offerings to fit into the framework of Cooperative Extension.


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