Lighting the Education Fire with Virtual Environments

Lighting the Education Fire with Virtual Environments and Oculus Rift Technology

Member Institution:
University of Idaho

Moscow, ID, USA

Key Experts:

Joey PeutzJoey Peutz

Brian ClevelyBrian Cleveley

BlazeThis project proposes to extend Cooperative Extensions’ outreach via 24/7 public experiential learning tools using the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, web browser-based virtual environment (single and multi-user) and an app accessed through mobile devices supporting 3D virtual worlds. The primary demonstration project is a simulation to learn about home safety when threatened by a wildfire. The project offers the opportunity to experience a wildfire safety experience as an immersive 3D simulation with participants customizing the experience variables. The ability to access the same simulation content across three different platforms is also a new way of delivering knowledge making it more flexible and adaptable to meet the changing needs of Extension and their constituents.

Project Updates:
The Blaze computer simulation is now available at Blaze is a stand-alone wildfire preparedness computer simulation designed to educate participants about the wildfire risks of their home and community and what steps to take to reduce the risks of ignition.

Related Links:

Project Page – Users can learn more about the Blaze project and download files to experience Blaze using:

  • Oculus Rift (Windows based)
  • WebGL (run from a browser)
  • Standalone: Windows and Macintosh
  • Android Mobile (tablet or phone)
  • Google Cardboard (Android based)