National Extension Web-mapping Tool


National Extension Web-mapping Tool (NEWT)

Member Institution:
University of New Hampshire

Durham, NH, USA

Key Experts:

shane bradt

Shane Bradt

Role: Project Leader

Key Words

Geospatial Technology
Story Mapping


The goal of the National Extension Web-mapping Tool (NEWT), created during a previous eXtension Innovation grant, is to increase the effective use of spatial data to make strategic decisions regarding planning and programming in the Cooperative Extension System (CES). NEWT is not simply a way to add data layers to a map, but instead is a straightforward online tool for exploring spatial data relevant to CES in the ways which CES staff and administrators find useful, including maps, tables, and graphs.

Once NEWT is released publicly in late spring 2017, this Innovation Grant will focus on promoting NEWT throughout CES, offering professional development on the use of NEWT, and gathering feedback regarding the current version, including ideas regarding new functions and datasets which could further broaden the use of NEWT.

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