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Panelists for Cooperative Extension Horizon Report

New Media Consortium LogoThe eXtension Foundation and the ECOP Innovation Task Force are partnering with The New Media Consortium (NMC) to develop a custom Horizon Report for Cooperative Extension. This important futuring report will be developed by a panel of 56 experts who will look out five years to identify key emerging technologies and methodologies and how they may impact Extension. Leadership of this initiative is shared by Drs. Jerry Thomas and Christine Geith of eXtension and Dr. Keith Smith, Chair of the Innovation Task Force. The 56 panelists, who will spend the summer collaborating on the report in a wiki environment, are listed below. The report is scheduled for completion in September 2016.

Full Name Organization
Larry Johnson NMC
Christine Geith eXtension
Jerold Thomas eXtension
Keith Smith The Ohio State University
Samantha Becker NMC
Michele Cummins NMC
Celleste Allgood Fort Valley State University
Bradd Anderson Missouri University
Bob Bertsch North Dakota State University
William F. Brown University of Tennessee
Amanda Christensen Utah State University
Amy Cole U of Ark Div of Ag CES
Rhonda Conlon North Carolina State University
Brittany Coop Texas A&M
Greg Crosby NIFA
Dino De Ciantis Penn State University
Amy Dronberger Cowboy Technologies (Oklahoma State University)
John Emigh Penn State University
Tom Fox Partnership for Public Service
Alex Freeman NMC
Molly Frendo University of Minnesota
Roberto Gallardo Mississippi State University
Dan Geller CES – Southern Regional Extension Forestry
Jason Henderson Purdue Extension
Shauna Henley Maryland
Alice Henneman University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Brian Higginbotham Associate VP and Director
Paul Hill Utah State University Extension
Jeff Hino Oregon State University
Todd Hurt University of Georgia Extension
Greg Johll University of Wisconsin
Steve Judd New Hampshire
Timothy Kock Northern Marianas College
Ken LaValley New Hampshire
L. Washington Lyons 1890 institutions
Michael Macklin Colorado State
Hunter McBrayer Alabama A&M
Barbara O’Neill Rutgers University
Mary Peabody University of Vermont
Jeff Piestrak Cornell
Joey Puetz University of Idaho
Heidi Rader Alaska – CES
Jennifer Rees University of Nebraska
John Reich FFAR
Eli Sagor University of Minnesota
Jamie Seger Ohio State/ECOP
Deborah L. Sheely University of Rhode Island
Gwyn Shelle Michigan State University
Stan Skrabut Jamestown Community College
Ashwani Srivastava Prairie View A&M
Charles Stamper University of Kentucky
Doug Steele Texas A&M
Cody Stone Montana State University
Dan Thiede U. Minnesota
Michele Walfred University of Delaware
Terrence Wolfork Fort Valley State University

More information about the process can be found at: http://bit.ly/1QfyN7u.