Southern Region Issue Corps Projects

Below are the Issue Corps projects that have members from the Southern Region. Learn more about each project by clicking on the project title.

Southern Region:

Auburn University Climate – Climate Literacy for Youth
Climate – EDEN: Competency-based online module “Farm and Ranch Premises Weather Security 101”
Diversity & Inclusion – Developing Culturally Competent Youth
Louisiana State University Diversity & Inclusion – Community Health Hubs: A Collaborative Approach to Inclusion and Diversity in Growing a Healthy Regional Food System
North Carolina State University Climate – Climate, Forest and Woodlands data-driven social media campaign
Food Systems – Data Sharing Facilitation and Demonstration
Food Systems – Food Safety Answers
Food Systems – Local Food Program Team Evaluation and Impact Measurement
Food Systems – Virtual Field Trips to Local Food Projects for Online Learners
Food Systems – Brunswick Local Food Project
Food Systems – Refuges of Non-Plant Produced Insecticidal Corn
Food Systems – Sustainable Crop Production
Food Systems – Sandhills Food Systems
Food Systems – The Sustainable Living Series
Food Systems – Watering A Food Desert: Partnership Improves Water Quality and Establishes Community Learning Garden Downtown
Oklahoma State University Community Corps – Disaster Preparedness: An Equine Community Effort
Texas A&M University Food Systems – Learn, Grow, Eat & GO! (LGEG) Extension, Volunteer and Teacher Online Training Course
Food Systems – Urban IPM
Climate – Climate Literacy for Youth
Diversity & Inclusion – Methods to Mobilize Communities Toward Civic Engagement and Improvement of Citizen/Police Relations
University of Arkansas Food Systems – Food Systems Development Certification Team
University of Florida Climate – Borrow, Adapt, Adopt; Local Government Policies for Climate Resiliency
Climate – Community Rating System Workshop
Climate – Reducing Climate Risk in Agriculture: the Power of Phenology
Food Systems – Develop 4R Farm, a greenhouse at Ocoee High School
Food Systems – Environmental Influences on Food Choices
Food Systems – Hydroponics and Edible Landscaping in Rural Communities
Food Systems – Garden2Go
Food Systems – Greenhouse Systems Evaluation Strategies
Food Systems – Urban IPM
Community Corps – Developing Tools for Extension’s Role in Agricultural Law Enforcement Training
University of Georgia Climate – Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate
Food Systems – Pollinator Spaces Project
Diversity & Inclusion – Inclusive 4-H: Differently Abled Youth Benefits from 4-H
University of Kentucky Food Systems – Kentucky Nutrition Education Program
Food Systems – Russellville Urban Gardening
Food Systems – Seafood Nutrition Partnership
Community Corps- Foundations of Practice in Community Development:  Strengthening the Curriculum that Strengthens America’s Communities
Community Corps- Poultry Training for Small Animal Veterinarians
Diversity & Inclusion – Jr. MANRRS Scholar Weekend
Diversity & Inclusion – Strengthening the Kentucky Extension Diversity Network
University of Tennessee Climate – Nursery, Greenhouse, Landscaping Tour
Food Systems – Grow Scott
Food Systems – i-Master Food Volunteers
Food Systems – Using Social Media to tell Agriculture’s Story
Food Systems – Smart Farmers Markets
Diversity & Inclusion – Reinventing the East Jackson Community Through a Diverse Holistic Health Approach
Diversity & Inclusion – Myth-busting the Refugee Crisis
Virginia Tech
Food Systems – i-Master Food Volunteers
Diversity & Inclusion – Crucial Conversations on Health & Wealth: Building our Capacity for Shared Prosperity