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Spark Lab Innovation Center

Spark Lab Innovation Center

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Ohio State University

Kenton, OH, USA

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mark_lightMark Light

Role: Project Leader

 Key Words

Maker Movement
4-H & Youth

This project will instill that inspiration or “spark” that youth and adults need to learn, discover, and grow in a creative environment. This goes beyond just setting up a “makerspace”. It will be an overall center of innovation framed through the education lens of a land grant university system. This project will transform a local Extension office beyond the traditional into the innovative by bringing entrepreneurship, university education opportunities, and a technology and maker space together in a dynamic and still to be explored relationship. The project will connect local businesses, residents, and educators to promote innovation, learning, and creativity in a hands-on space. It will also create a physical space model that can be reproduced by Extension in other states nationwide.

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