Success Stories


Local Impact

The Impact Collaborative is helping Extension professionals make a difference in their local communities because of their connection with eXtension. Take a look at some of the successes in these regions:


four data points on why you join the impact collaborative

The majority of participants reported improved ability to participate in professional discussions, developed confidence in sharing resources, gained comfort in recommending alternate approaches to ideas, and are working differently because of their Impact Collaborative participation.

Extension Professionals Gained Visibility as a Result of the Impact Collaborative

One participant received recognition within their institution which led to greater community engagement.

That recognition and encouragement I received from my upper administration to harness that and build on it even further was not just a validation of the work that I am doing, but also something that helped accelerate the conversation about local food system development work.

Another participant appreciated the connection with colleagues and found a new way to connect with people interested in their program.

My participation was very valuable! I am better able to collaborate with colleagues inside and outside of my college. My social media blog has won two awards since I have improved the content due to help received at the Designathon. I can better target clients with my social media posts…