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Learn more about how we are helping Cooperative Extension professionals find more innovative ways to increase their local impact through the Impact Collaborative.

Stories of Success

Southern Region

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Western Region

CIVIC Team, University of Florida and Florida A&M University

"The Impact Collaborative prepared the CIVIC team with new skills, resources, and opportunities that have helped them come together as a team to accelerate and scale their program. Their involvement with the Impact Collaborative has helped create new pathways for reaching a more diverse audience, find strategic ways to engage new partners, and better help Extension professionals across Florida facilitate a process that builds community capacity in addressing challenging issues such as climate change, sustainability, opioid addiction, and water quality." - Vonda Richardson, Director of Extension at Florida A&M University

Wellness in Tough Times, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

“Addressing mental health needs, particularly for rural Nebraskans, is one of our strategic priorities. We formed this team as part of a larger initiative to address this need. We also have a focus at UNL on increasing innovation and the opportunity to work with eXtension and the Impact Collaborative helps reinforce that focus. A number of Extension professionals from our institution have been involved with the Impact Collaborative, helping catalyze innovation across our system. The most recent Impact Collaborative Summit was a great opportunity for this new team to dive deep into their program planning, evaluate their partnership development strategy alongside the resources eXtension brought to the table, and return to UNL with a program ready to move forward to make a positive impact in our local communities.” - Chuck Hibberd, Dean & Director for Cooperative Extension at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Malheur Workforce Readiness, Oregon State University

“The Impact Collaborative provided an ideal space for the Malheur Workforce Readiness team to work through a structured process that challenged their thinking and assisted them with building a strong, informed, foundation. It equipped them with critical insights on how to best evaluate their program and the potential impact, and better communicate and engage with their partners moving forward” – Anita Azarenko, Interim Vice President – Outreach and Extension, Extension Director, Oregon State University.

Northeastern Region

1890 Region

National Teams

Vermont DEI, University of Vermont

"One of UVM Extension's strategic priorities is to find new ways to create a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable atmosphere within our system and our program planning. We leveraged the opportunity to send members from our diversity committee to participate with eXtension's Impact Collaborative. Their involvement with the Impact Collaborative provided connections to resources and contacts like the Carver Center at Tuskegee, creative ideas to build out their work plan, guidance on developing outcomes for their project, and metrics to support them.” - Chuck Ross, Director of Extension, University of Vermont

Tuskegee Public Dialogue Team

"The Impact Collaborative provided an excellent space for this team to collaborate on and develop their project with a network of experienced Extension professionals and find innovative ways to build off the work from the Coming Together for Racial Understanding cohort. Even more amazing has been their ability to adapt what they have gained from the Impact Collaborative and apply it to local issues. At each Impact Collaborative experience, the team has returned to Tuskegee University with a more developed project plan, and the opportunities they’ve had with the Impact Collaborative has helped shape a better vision for addressing this strategic priority. Their experience has also helped us to develop outcomes related to critical dialogue across all of our programming.” - Dr. Raymon Shange, Interim Assistant Dean for Cooperative Extension at Tuskegee University.

National Sustainability Summit Team, University of Florida, Florida A&M University, North Dakota State University, Washington State University

“Sustainability is one of our strategic priorities. 200 participants representing 33 institutions alongside 10 community partners participated in the NSS + NEES event resulting in inspiring and motivating speakers, new knowledge gained among participants, and new connections developed across organizations. The Impact Collaborative Summits were unique opportunities for this team to engage more deeply in reaching new and more diverse audiences, strategic planning for cultivating new partnerships, and finding new and innovative avenues for increasing local impact.” - Dr. Nick Place, Dean and Director for the University of Florida/IFAS Extension Service.

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We conduct evaluations at each Impact Collaborative experience to gain valuable feedback to ensure that we are continuously striving to improve our methodology, delivery, and ability to serve our members.

Impact Collaborative Project & Programs Team Summary Report, 2018-2019

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