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Summit Pre-Work

This page will help you prepare for a successful Summit experience. It will let you know what to expect during the Impact Collaborative Innovation Kit workshop (Day 1) and Designathon Two (Days 2 & 3) as well as give you your first task which should take about 60 minutes to complete. It is important that you complete this pre-work because it will ensure your team is prepared for the event and that we have the best supports identified to help advance your project. You will use what you learn from the videos/readings in activities during your Summit event.

What to expect:

Day 1, you will learn the Impact Collaborative Innovation Kit process that uses design thinking and lean experimentation principles in order to turn an idea into a compelling innovative project concept ready to grow through attracting and catalyzing key stakeholders and strategic partners. You will work the process with your team on a project idea that you agree upon.

Day 2 & 3, you will learn and use concept mapping to uncover gaps in your project planning, confer with Key Informants (subject matter experts) and external partners to identify and fill in those gaps to move forward on creating a project roadmap to implement your project idea. Lunchtime keynote speakers will help your team be more inclusive and equitable.

The afternoon of Day 3 will be the Impact Collaborative Project Pitchfest. Your team will have an opportunity to pitch your project idea to a notable panel of judges for the chance to advance projects to be well positioned to engage strategic partners in meaningful ways. Projects will have opportunities Projects will also have the opportunity to vie for a variety of prizes, including a chance to be hosted on a crowdfunding platform, a chance to be mentored in building external partner relationships, a chance for free registration for the next Impact Collaborative Summit, and bragging rights.

Business casual attire is recommended for the Impact Collaborative Summit and Pitchfest!

Questions? Please contact Ashley Griffin (agriffin@extension.org) and/or plan to join a Q&A Zoom session just for the October Impact Collaborative Summit:  Thursday, October 11th at 3:00 PM Eastern via Zoom at:

Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: https://extension.zoom.us/j/162835440
Or iPhone one-tap:    US: +16468769923,,162835440#  or +16699006833,,162835440#
Or Telephone:    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
        US: +1 646 876 9923  or +1 669 900 6833

   Meeting ID: 162 835 440
   International numbers available: https://zoom.us/u/Ozo5tREK

Team Preparation:

In order to provide your team with meaningful interactions and supports, as well as provide you with ongoing assistance on your project team journey, we are hoping to learn as much as possible about your team and your project BEFORE we see you in Indianapolis. The two forms that follow also identify some of the key information you will want to have at the ready to create a winning pitch for the pitchfest on October 18th.

Please complete the two forms below [one entry per team] as soon as possible.

PLEASE NOTE that your team will not be eligible for awards at the Pitchfest without these two forms completed.  

1) The Pre-Impact Collaborative Summit Project Snapshot
2) The Impact Collaborative Project Vital Signs

Pre-work for the Innovation Kit Workshop

Here is your pre-work to get you ready to innovate:

  1. This video playlist will help you understand the purpose of Designathon One and eXtension’s Impact Collaborative [20-30 min total].
    1. Watch Introduction to Extension 3.0 | Mark Lubell [6 min]
    2. Watch The Impact Collaborative Story [4.5 min]
    3. Watch The Change Formula & Tipping Point |Steve Cady [8 min] and/or read this short introduction to the Change Diagram: Change…or Die (5 min estimate)
    4. Watch P.L.A.N. for Change | Steve Cady [8 min] and/or read about this project framework: What’s the P.L.A.N.? [5 min estimate]
  2. This video playlist will give you important background knowledge about Design Thinking and the Impact Collaborative Innovation Kit [31 min total]
    1. Watch/listen to Design thinking for every endeavour | Robyn Richardson [7 min]
    2. Watch Purpose + Passion = Innovation (overview of Adobe Kickbox process- the basis for the Impact Collaborative Innovation Kit) | Mark Randall [24 min]

What to bring to the Summit? In addition to the supplies you will receive at the Designathon we encourage you to bring other items that may help you in your activities:

  1. With your team members, consider possible ideas, themes, or topics you wish to explore with the Impact Collaborative Innovation Kit process
  2. Sharpies, markers, colored pencils, crayons, etc.
  3. Extra post-it-notes
  4. Blank paper or notebook paper
  5. An open mind and willingness to sometimes be uncomfortable

After Registering

Take 10 minutes to join the community and meet others participating in the Impact Collaborative’s events:

Have an eXtensionID in People:

  1. Log into https://people.extension.org/ with your eXtensionID and password. Or Create an account at: https://people.extension.org/ to obtain an eXtension ID, if you do not already have one. Feel free to contact Ashley Griffin ashley.griffin@extension.org if you want her to generate an invitation to get an ID.
  2. In your eXtension People profile, edit your profile to include a picture, your bio, your contact information, etc.
  3. Join this Community in People: Impact Collaborative Participants
  4. Use the hashtag #eXtIC on Twitter to meet facilitators and other Designathon participants. Like eXtension on Facebook. There, you can post questions, indicate which event you are attending, and share posts/photos from the event with your colleagues.

New National Topic-Focused Resources:

This Impact Collaborative Summit will be pioneering two new software resources that are now available to Impact Collaborative teams:

  • Personalizable eFieldbook companions to the WordPress sites