The Impact Collaborative Summit offers unique opportunities to create impactful results at the local level.

What are the outcomes of the Impact Collaborative Summit?

The Impact Collaborative adapts each summit to best meet the needs of our members. The 2019 April and October summits are being designed to help project and program teams:

  • Strengthen community engagement for each project or program
  • Collectively engage partnerships for new capacity for each program
  • Strengthen project or program plans
  • Increase project or program innovation
  • Develop strategies to effectively engage new audiences
  • Strengthen organizational context and readiness to support change needed by their projects and programs

What will participants get from attending the Impact Collaborative Summit?

Participants that attend the Impact Collaborative Summit will:

  • Grow competencies, insights, inspirations, and capacities to engage in collective impact and innovation and address complex issues
  • Increase understanding and demonstrate diversity, equity, and inclusion principles and practices in team membership and ownership, projects, and implementation plans respective of community culture and norms
  • Increase knowledge of co-creation community success stories and promising models that leverage diverse assets and community partners
  • Identify as members of the Impact Collaborative and are invested in making meaningful local impact, with plans to engage with the connections and resources available through the Impact Collaborative

Who are the partners attending Impact Collaborative Summits and what are their outcomes?

Our partners have included:

  • Ag/Rural State-based Leadership Programs
  • Family Foundations
  • Philanthropy-Serving Organizations
  • Rural Development Centers
  • Crowdfunding Platform

At the Impact Collaborative Summit, partners work with us to support project and program teams to:

Accelerate Innovation

Co-creating with partners, communities, and the Cooperative Extension System to drive solutions tailored to complex issues through innovation, ideation, design thinking, and collective actions

Diversify Quality Linkages

Multiplying access, inclusivity, and engagement of diverse people, perspectives, and resources to generate new ways of communicating, working together, and designing innovative solutions

Amplify Assets

Generating and amplifying human and capital resources through networks and collaborating on shared issues enhances operational efficiency and increases value of financial, people, and time resources

Build Professional Capital

Growing competencies, insights, inspirations, and capacities of individuals and teams to engage in collective impact and address complex issues

Who can attend the Summit and how much does it cost?

Each eXtension member institution receives five free registrations to send one team to each Summit. A registration fee is applicable to additional teams & members beyond the five free registrations.

All members can send teams to the Impact Collaborative Summit, including community partners. Multi-institutional teams are also welcome to join the Summit.

Where can I register?