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New AaE Release: Widget Group Notifications for Incoming Questions

Just released today is the ability to configure your Ask an Expert widget to send out notifications to all widget assignees for incoming questions submitted through the widget. This allows for another method of monitoring incoming questions for widgets and each notification email will give important information about the question including the submit date, the […]

New Ask an Expert Feature: Comments

Our Ask an Expert system now supports comments on any question in the system, from anyone. You are no longer restricted to comments only at the time of assigning a question to another expert. To add your comment, just click “Add a comment” on the detail page for any question: The comment will be emailed […]

Time zone support in People and Ask an Expert

The eXtension People and Ask an Expert now include support for displaying times relative to your own time zone (as opposed to UTC time). Setting your timezone is easy, just edit your profile and select your time zone from the drop down list. Here’s short video describing the feature: