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Impact Collaborative Training Helps Extension Personnel Find Missing Links

“Before we were assuming that people would find the information. We weren’t trying to meet our audience directly.” Three North Carolina State University Extension professors found it critical to educate landowners in their state about the effects of climate change on forest growth. Collectively, Dr. Susan Moore, a retired NCSU Extension associate professor, along with […]

Concept Map Gives Educators Tool to Catalyze Community Change

“The concept map we developed through eXtension is empowering the community and has given more credibility and clarity to the collaborative efforts I am facilitating.” Grace Peterson Grace Peterson and her community colleagues have big plans.  Simply put, they want to change the world … or at least their corner of Louisiana. Peterson is an […]

eXtension Launches New Community Issue Corps with Designathon

On December 8-9, 2016, 64 members of the eXtension Foundation’s new Community Issue Corps representing eight project teams from Communities of Practice (CoPs) convened at the Detroit Renaissance Center Hotel to participate in an eXtension Designathon. The Designathon is a high-energy workshop that guides participants with innovative ideas for addressing local issues through the creation […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Making Michigan Recipes Work for School Kitchens

What is the recipe for farm to school success? Pun intended. There are many ingredients, but the recipe only comes together if the cook has the right combination of skills to follow the steps. Michigan has a well-developed Farm to Institution Network which helps institutions locate, buy and use seasonal Michigan ingredients through its Cultivate […]