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The Business of Farming

This article was written by Jennifer Cook, Digital Green Fellow for eXtension.  For the past nine months, I served as the Digital Green eXtension fellow, interviewing many small and beginning farmers, farm groups, and farm partners from across the US, to understand the challenges small farmers face. Representing Digital Green, a global non-profit development organization, […]

News Roundup – April 2018

You may recognize (D x V x F x S) > R as the change formula, or at least one version of it. D= dissatisfaction. V = vision. F = first steps. S = support. R = resistance. For more, watch this 8-minute video. When the product of the left side of the equation is […]

December News Roundup

From all of us at eXtension, we want to wish you a joyous holiday season and Happy New Year! We hope you get time to spend with family and friends and to take time to rest and recharge. Personally, I find uninterrupted time to think to be my recharge mechanism. How about you? Do you […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Got Pests? Critter-Proofing School Gardens and Buildings to Safeguard Children

School gardens and food service areas can have a tremendous impact on kids’ nutrition education and provide an excellent environment for experiential learning. Schools across the US have embraced school gardening and increasingly incorporate their garden veggies into school lunches and classroom snacks. While getting kids involved in growing and choosing healthy food has many […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Collards in the Cafeteria: Mind the GAP

Collards in the Cafeteria is a unique and dynamic project that is evolving and expanding as we move forward. We continue to update the project with new ideas, new connections, new resources, and new audiences even as we begin meeting some of our original goals.   BEGINNING PLANS The idea for this project came about […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Beginning beekeeping workshop is successful to participants

Back in February we held a workshop in Osceola, Mo. in which we targeted people interested in getting into beekeeping. We had 28 people that attended the workshop. The goal of this workshop was to provide the potential beekeepers with the knowledge and tools to be successful in beginning and managing their new bees and […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Employee buy-in leads to healthier vending machines

My iThree Corps project is Rethink Your Drink, an evidence-based program designed to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) intake. The program includes both an educational component and environmental change strategies, since research shows that addressing multiple levels of influence increases program effectiveness. (Check out the Social Ecological Model!) So instead of simply educating people to drink […]

i-Three Issue Corps – New Beginnings in Idaho

As someone who works in the field of sustainable agriculture, I have dedicated much of my research and Extension endeavors to understanding the major ecological, social, and economic barriers to organic and sustainable food production in both the United States and abroad. As a result, I have had the privilege of working with and learning […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Making Michigan Recipes Work for School Kitchens

What is the recipe for farm to school success? Pun intended. There are many ingredients, but the recipe only comes together if the cook has the right combination of skills to follow the steps. Michigan has a well-developed Farm to Institution Network which helps institutions locate, buy and use seasonal Michigan ingredients through its Cultivate […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Kids, Compost, Crops & Consumption

The Kids, Compost, Crops & Consumption team from North Dakota State University Extension aims to increase youth involvement in the food cycle. The target outcomes include: 1) increasing students’ knowledge about agriculture and where their food comes from, 2) increasing vegetable consumption among students and 3) teaching students how to garden as an economical option for […]