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i-Three Issue Corps – Paletas & productos frescos: crowd-sourcing data to better understand Latino farmers’ market audiences

My eXtension i-Three Corps project is focused on increasing the diversity of customers and vendors at Idaho Farmer’s Markets, particularly those in the greater Boise, Idaho metropolitan area, known as the Treasure Valley. Our Latino population in this region varies from 7% to 74%, depending on county or city. However, our markets don’t reflect this […]

i-Three Issue Corps – The Seed to Supper Program

The Seed to Supper program is a partnership between Oregon State University Extension and the Oregon Food Bank. The program increases food security of low-income residents by providing education and support, empowering participants to grow their own vegetables. The program consists of six two-hour sessions for adults and covers the basics of vegetable gardening.  Topics include […]

i-Three Issue Corps – i-Master Food Volunteers

Farmers’ markets offer a greater variety of fruits and vegetables than you find in stores. A key to increasing farmers’ market sales and fruit and vegetable consumption is to introduce consumers to these new varieties and teach them how to select, prepare and store them. The challenge for Extension agents is how to find time […]
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i-Three Issue Corps – Wasted! Food!

Hi, I’m Alice Henneman, an Extension Educator and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, with University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension. I ‘ve been interested in reducing wasted food for a long time. I first started writing about this topic last year on our Nebraska Extension website with an article, “14 Ways Consumers Can Reduce Food Waste.” As a member […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Pollinator Spaces Project – The Start

We know that pollinators are in trouble.  Native bee habitat is declining.   Colony collapse disorder of honey bees is forefront in the headlines and the debate over pesticide use on butterfly populations continues. As University of Georgia (UGA) Extension’s Community and School Garden Coordinator I work primarily with food gardeners.  Pollinator issues directly affect food […]

What a Ride!!! Putting professional development and innovation to work

If it seems like I’m short of breath it’s because for the last three months I’ve been running a “Summer Sprint” (if you know me you’re laughing right now).  So named and led by Chris Geith, eXtension’s new CEO, the eXtension team, Board of Directors, and innovation partners nationwide who have been swiftly reimagining Cooperative […]