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Dry Farming: Growing Fruits and Vegetables without Water

Amy Garrett’s i-Three Issue Corps project focuses on establishing and leveraging a set of social media strategies to share dry farming practices widely. From the NeXC2016 Conference and her Issue Corps experience, she has expanded her social media horizons, incorporated Working Out Loud strategies into her Facebook outreach to expand the network of participants in […]

Community Issue Corps Call for Applications

eXtension is excited to announce the first Community Issue Corps opportunity specifically targeting Communities of Practice and Learning Networks. This Community Corps will identify and engage eXtension Communities in a Design Event supporting projects targeting local, area, state, or national audiences to make a visible and measurable impact at the local level. During the Design Event, […]

New Community Issue Corps is Forming

Thanks to the eXtension Communities who have already expressed interest in the first Issue Corps experience specifically for Communities of Practice and Learning Networks. Based on that response, the eXtension Foundation will launch a call for the 2016-17 Community Issue Corps in the coming days. Like the 2016 i-Three Issue Corps, the Community Issue Corps […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Beginning beekeeping workshop is successful to participants

Back in February we held a workshop in Osceola, Mo. in which we targeted people interested in getting into beekeeping. We had 28 people that attended the workshop. The goal of this workshop was to provide the potential beekeepers with the knowledge and tools to be successful in beginning and managing their new bees and […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Forks Mobile Market and Education Trolley

Everything takes longer than you think it will.  -Hofstadter’s Law The recursive nature of the law is a reflection of the widely experienced difficulty of estimating complex tasks despite all best efforts, including knowing that the task is complex. (Wikipedia.org) In our wisdom we are following the law very closely. Our Trolley is undergoing restoration […]

Two Reminders of eXtension Opportunities: Dates, Times and Topics

eXtension Quarterly Webinar: Wednesday July 27 at 2:00 EDT. Join eXtension CEO Chris Geith and staff leaders to learn the latest news on developments and opportunities for Extension Professionals. Topics will include: Summary of the eXtension Member Benefits Five example stories from the Issue Corps iThree Corps 2017 eXtension Fellows Update Horizon Report Call for […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Employee buy-in leads to healthier vending machines

My iThree Corps project is Rethink Your Drink, an evidence-based program designed to reduce sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) intake. The program includes both an educational component and environmental change strategies, since research shows that addressing multiple levels of influence increases program effectiveness. (Check out the Social Ecological Model!) So instead of simply educating people to drink […]

i-Three Issue Corps – New Beginnings in Idaho

As someone who works in the field of sustainable agriculture, I have dedicated much of my research and Extension endeavors to understanding the major ecological, social, and economic barriers to organic and sustainable food production in both the United States and abroad. As a result, I have had the privilege of working with and learning […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Drone, Drone On The Range!

Drones – for many, the term conjures up images of stealthy spies in the sky or death from above. The truth, however, is that there are many more good uses of drones than bad. What is a Drone? A drone is basically an unmanned aircraft vehicle controlled remotely via radio. This includes multi-rotors, R/C helicopters […]