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ICYMI: A Virtual Tour: Explore Nutrition Tools and Resources from USDA and HHS Websites

We had a wonderful and very informative webinar yesterday with Marcia Greenblum & Colleen Sideck from USDA, and Holly McPeak from the Department of Health and Human Services! During the webinar, these panelists guided participants through the different nutrition tools and resources found on the USDA and HHS sites. There were a TON of resources that […]

Increasing Seafood Consumption among Populations with Heart Health Risks

Ingrid Adam’s i-Three Issue Corps project addresses the issue of low seafood consumption in low-income populations and their higher risk of heart disease with an education program on the benefits of eating seafood. The impact she is seeking is to convince these families to eat seafood two times per week. When Ingrid arrived at the […]

Connecting University Students and Community through Gardening

Andrea Morris and Rudy Pacumbaba’s project set out to be a community garden with nutrition and physical activity education programming. By the NeXC2016 Conference, the dimension of service learning for freshman students at Alabama A&M had been added. At the conference, their exposure to key informants and new technology thinking resulted in “light-bulb” moments that […]
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A Down-Home Approach to Meeting a Global Challenge

Alice Henneman’s i-Three Issue Corps project promotes personal awareness and behavior change to reduce consumer food waste. Using educational tools consumers are familiar with, such as food audits, daily logs of food wasted and recipes that teach them new shopping and meal considerations, she is developing a whole new curriculum that she is rolling out […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Cooking Up Healthy in Warren County

Things are cooking up healthy in Warren County restaurants! As part of a New Jersey state grant project, and an eXtension i-Three Issue Corps initiative, Choose Healthy Warren County, 22 healthy menu options have been approved to date at eight Hackettstown restaurants. Throughout the late spring and early summer, participating restaurants submitted recipes for potential […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Kids, Compost, Crops, and Consumption – Part II

The Kids, Compost, Crops & Consumption team from North Dakota State University Extension aims to increase youth involvement in the food cycle. The target outcomes include: 1) increasing students’ knowledge about agriculture and where their food comes from, 2) increasing vegetable consumption among students and 3) teaching students how to garden as an economical option for […]