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Developmental Disabilities: An “Untapped” Audience”

Providing opportunities for educators to learn how to effectively engage individuals with developmental disabilities in their programming is essential to Extension’s diversity and inclusion mandate. Such training will help break down barriers and perceived differences, reduce apprehension, and build confidence for educators and volunteers working with this clientele. The Rutgers Cooperative Extension Diversity & Inclusion […]

Job Posting: Impact Collaborative Instructional Technologist

eXtension Foundation is hiring a full-time person to serve as the Instructional Technologist for the Impact Collaborative. The successful candidate will handle all aspects of professional development for Collaborative Members. We are expecting to recruit 2000 individuals/700 teams for the Collaborative in the upcoming year. This person will also be responsible for developing an evidence […]

Building Evaluation Capacity Through Data Jams, Part 3: Readying Extension for the Systematic Analysis of Large Qualitative Datasets

In this third blog post on the University of Wisconsin-Extension Data Jam Initiative, I will focus on four institutional outcomes of this Evaluation Capacity Building Framework. INSTITUTIONAL OUTCOME 1: Continuous use of Institutionally Collected Data The Data Jam Initiative provides colleagues with the tools, skills, support and community they need to engage in the analysis of large, […]

Building Evaluation Capacity Through Data Jams, Part 1: A Response to the Data Challenge

Collecting large amounts of textual data is easier than ever – but analyzing those growing amounts of data remains a challenge. The University of Wisconsin – Extension responds to this challenge with the “Data Jam Initiative”, an Evaluation Capacity Building model that focuses on the collaborative, making-centered use of Qualitative Data Analysis Software.  In this first of three blog posts […]

Coming Soon to eXtension – Competency Framework Integration with Moodle 3.1

During the past 6 months eXtension has taken the first steps to integrate competency based education (CBE) into its core offerings. CBE tools scale up professional development by standardizing assessment with consensus-built statements of knowledge, skills and abilities, while enabling customized learning resources for varying contexts. Frameworks can be used for curating resources, designing programs […]

AR: A new way to learn!

In the previous blogs we have discussed the what and why of AR (Augmented Reality). Now it’s time to think of applicable ways to use it in Extension. Here are some ideas of how AR is currently being used: Enhanced interactive print experience- (brochures, flyers, posters, worksheets) Museum interactivity- think about what a field trip might […]

Mental Health Awareness Webinar Recording Now Available

On Thursday, June 22 two educators from Ohio State University Extension, Jami Dellifield and Amanda Raines, presented an eXtension webinar on “Mental Health Awareness for Extension Professionals.” It is based on a professional development session they led at eXtension’s NeXC2016 conference in March that generated great interest. Due to popular response both to the conference […]

AR (Augmented Reality) – What the Research Says

Although there is no single technology that is a one size fits all, AR (Augmented Reality) can help provide the basis for a strong cooperative learning environment. The environment can also grow outside the formal classroom because of the nature of the tool itself. The technology used should depend on the pedagogical objectives and needs […]