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Green Meadows Community Garden Pollinator Plants

Pollinator Spaces: Promoting Pollinator Conservation and Sustainability

Becky Griffin’s i-Three Issue Corps project is dedicated to creating gardens that support pollinator habitats and provide hands-on pollinator education throughout Georgia. The impact she is seeking is to increase pollinator awareness in her state by facilitating the development of school and community gardens and supporting the effort with high-quality, engaging communications. At the NeXC2016 […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Blog Focuses on Beginning Local Food Producers

My Issue Corps Project is an effort to bring awareness to local food and beginning local food producers, ultimately improving the profitability of their enterprises. I have initiated a blog to address this issue. I have interviewed the farmers when possible and posted photo blog posts with highlights and captions describing the different farmers’ operations. […]

i-Three Issue Corps – Using Facebook EFFICIENTLY…What We Finally Figured Out

Farm to School… Hmm…  Our Theory: Efforts to promote healthy eating can’t succeed without considering food production, distribution and marketing. Likewise, agriculture cannot be profitable without attention to consumer interest and needs. Our Dilemma: Schools are ideal environments to foster healthy lifelong behaviors. Yet, despite interest, relatively little local produce is used in school cafeterias, […]
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All Reasonable Efforts to Market Cooperative Extension

I must confess, while living most of my life as a working wife, mother, and homeowner, I was completely unaware what Cooperative Extension was, or how its programs wove a thread behind the scenes that actually impacted my life. All that changed when I stepped into the land-grant light 15 years ago. Since then, it’s […]
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Six Easy Steps to Stretch Social Media Mileage

Across the nation, Cooperative Extension has planted a significant footprint on social media platforms, and this presence varies widely from state to state. This investment in social media is one innovative technique that reaches new and diverse audiences. It is an important one that needs your help. Regardless of specific strategic plans your institution may […]

Join National 4-H Council for Social Media Webinars on Wednesdays

Learn how to generate content, build community, increase participation and do it all in a safe manner for youth and adults. 45-minute interactive and instructive tutorials will help you develop strategies that are engaging, interactive, safe and effective. The webinars are designed for those new to social media, as well as advanced users. All the […]