Frequently Asked Questions About eXtension Terms of Use

This applies to the updated eXtension Terms of Use announced in June 2017.

Do I have to accept the terms of use in order to create or publish content on any site?

Yes. In the past, people who did not accept the contributor agreement could still create and publish content. Replacing that agreement with this new terms of use also includes a requirement to accept the terms in order to contribute to sites. Those not accepting the agreement will not be able to log into eXtension sites.

Does it matter if my institution is a member of eXtension or not?

Several eXtension tools and services are available to anyone eligible for an eXtension ID regardless of the membership status of their institution. As such, everyone who has contributed, is currently contributing, or may contribute in the future, should be aware of the new terms of use.

What are 3rd party applications?

eXtension provides access to the following applications as part of the services offered to the Cooperative Extension System. Access via eXtension to some applications may be dependent on membership status of your institution. The following is a list of links to the terms of use or terms of service for each of those applications.

Do we need to contact past contributors and have them accept the new Terms of Use to keep their content active?

No. Anything edited or published prior to this change will not be affected. The requirement to accept the new Terms of Use only applies to content that is edited or published starting on the final “enforcement” date (currently set for June 20, 2017).

Who do I contact for more information?

If you still have questions, contact Brenna Kotar who will work with Chief Operating Officer Beverly Coberly to ensure your question is answered.