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eXtension Catalog

What is Catalog?

Catalog serves as a storefront or central listing of fee-based courses available through Campus (http://campus.extension.org). Catalog accommodates specialized pricing options for fee-based events or resources. For example, some features of Catalog include:

  • Bulk purchasing (buying multiple seats) in a course with different levels of pricing; i.e., a lower price per student once you get over a certain number of seats purchased;
  • Bundled courses, where for one fee, a student can gain access to more than one course;
  • Invoicing, in which Catalog generates an invoice to the student.  When the payment is received by the eXtension accounting office, a Catalog administrator “releases” the student to begin accessing the course;
  • Discounted pricing through voucher codes that grant different levels of discount–in either percentage or dollar terms;
  • “Buy Now” buttons to facilitate payment of course fees from any other website where the buttons are displayed.

For users, Catalog and Campus share login credentials.  However, for the new user, Catalog simplifies the process of creating a new login account by eliminating the need for email verification–one of the more frequent issues submitted to the Campus help desk.




  • Where can I get help?  eXtension staffs a help desk to respond to any technical difficulties you may be having with this site.  Send an email to cataloghelp@extension.org.
  • How do I know if I already have a login name on Catalog? If you have enrolled in a course at http://campus.extension.org  or logged in at that site within the past two years, you likely still have a login account. Use the “Forgotten” link on the Catalog login page, and you can search for your credentials using either your user name or your email address.
  • I am an Extension educator. How can I get an educational event or course listed in this catalog?  Please review the information at https://www.extension.org/campus-procedures/. The help desk staff will consult with you in deciding the most appropriate approach for listing your event or course.
  • What if my educational event or product is not on Campus? While Catalog facilitates seamless transfers to or from Campus, it also accommodates links to external websites and resources.  A catalog listing could consist of nothing more than a description with appropriate links to the external sites.


Where do I get help with my questions or to get started using this system?

Send an email to cataloghelp@extension.org.