Webinars using Learn

Learn is Extension’s tool for outstanding online learning opportunities!

Learning opportunities are being held online, are open to anyone and are listed at learn.extension.org. You are welcome to participate! Learn together with colleagues from across Cooperative Extension and communities of interest. If you know of web-based sessions that are not currently listed, please add them.


The home page features an overview of upcoming and recent events as well as a convenient way to add a new session and see other extension resources available for learning. Use the Search box near the top to find any word, phrase or name in any event’s title or  details. You can click on any title to see the Event page.


You can see a list of those events just a few days away or, by clicking on See All you can see a listing by date of all learning opportunities that have been added with the title, partial description, and the date and time. Click on any title to see the Event page.

Recent Sessions

Want to see what you might have missed?  This listing by date features learning opportunities whose start time has passed with the title, partial description, and the date and time. Click on any title to see the Event page.

An Event Page

Each learning event’s page includes a detailed description of the session, presenters, time (and time zone), tags, as well as a link to where the session will be held online. Also important are the check-boxes to click to “Follow,” “Attended” and “Watched Recording.” Checking the appropriate box lets the presenter and others know of your interest or attendance, and subsequently allows those to be added to your Activity. You’ll see an avatar for each person who has connected (follow, attend, watched) an event so you can see those with potentially similar interests. Some events require a pre-registration on the page. If so, you’ll see a place to add your name and email contact information. After registering you’ll be able to see the Location URL for the event. Below the event description, you’ll find a Comments section. Add questions for the presenters or for other participants that may further the learning of the session topic. Add your thoughts… so that other participants can learn with you.

Learn helps you share YOUR professional development with others!

Create a new event

This is the form for anyone to sign in with an eXtensionID, Twitter, Facebook or Google account  to add an online educational session. The sessions must be educational, non-profit (cost recovery), noncommercial,  non-religious, and non-political.  

What topic should I share? Anything that professionals in extension or your community of interest might want to learn. Past sessions have included topics on various subject matter topics, emerging topics, information sharing or discussions on new changes, social media, collaboration, and Ask an Expert.

Why? To extend your reach to extension colleagues and others who may be interested and to help you learn more about the topic. To gain insight into new questions or opportunities by people who are working in related areas. To track your online presentations (and attendance).

List your events on learn.extension.org  by signing in with your eXtensionID, Twitter, Facebook or Google account, click Create a new event, and fill in the fields available. Anyone who has signed in to Learn will be available for the Presenter field. Pick the date and time for your time zone. Please be sure to schedule with whatever web conferencing system will be used for  the session, then include the URL of whatever web conferencing system you’ve scheduled to use.

Learn helps you keep track of your learning!

Your Activity

When you see an event listed that you are interested in, sign in and click to “Follow” the event. This may be a session that fits into your interests or professional development plan, and for which even if you are unable to attend, you may want to watch the recording, if available later. This also gives an indication to the presenter of who has interest in the topic. When you attend an event listed in Learn you can check the “Attended” box on the Event page, or that you “Watched Recording” once it is available.  

Go to the Activity tab to see all events for which you have presented, attended watched, followed, commented, rated and/or answered the sensemaking questions. This page helps you track all of those professional development events in which you’ve participated in some way.  It also serves as a handy list that could be used to report in your own annual review documents.

Your Profile

Update your profile in Learn by signing in with your eXtension, Twitter, Facebook or Google account, then click the Settings tab.   Add a 120 character bio, upload a photo/avatar of yourself, and add your cell number if you’d like to get a notification to remind you about an event you’re following. The notifications tab lets you indicate for what and when you get reminders. Learning profile tab allows you to share what you’re currently learning about. Use the privacy and sharing tab to set your options.

Let Learn be YOUR professional development tool!

Action Steps

  • Go to learn.extension.org and look for web-based learning opportunities of interest and value to you. Sign in (with your Google, Facebook, Twitter or eXtension account) and check the “Follow” box. Add them to your calendar to participate or watch recordings.
  • Share with colleagues when you see session topics you think may have interest/value to them. Each event’s page has a unique URL to allow easy sharing. Encourage others to use learn.extension.org as a resource.
  • When you participate in a session, check the “Attended” box. Check the “Watched Recording” box when you do.
  • Add your comments, questions and thoughts… on an event page.
  • Add online learning opportunities that are open to others at learn.extension.org by clicking “Create a new event”
  • Use the unique URL provided for each session to share via social media where you post.
  • Update your profile with your cell number and notification settings to get reminders.

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